Cardinho – Schmidt Family

Cardinho – Schmidt Family

From the moment we took a tour, it was evident that XAA was something special, making it the right choice for our son among the 14 schools we visited in Singapore. Everything, from the natural light in the classrooms to the transparent admissions process overseen by Shawna Yong, Associate Director of Admissions, fully resonated with our family.

XAA educators are not only qualified and experienced but also dedicated to fostering the growth and development of their students. Ms Cory, Ms Ming, Mr Ojanen, Mr Gutierrez and Mr Carpenter go above and beyond to create nurturing and engaging learning experiences in a diverse international school environment. 

The school offers a well-rounded curriculum and an innovative PioneerTown program designed to foster critical thinking, creativity, and a lifelong love of learning in children. Additionally, XAA offers diverse extracurricular activities, ensuring opportunities for students to explore interests outside the classroom, whether in Esports or team sports.

Beyond academics, the school provides a safe environment for students from morning bus pickup to afternoon drop-off. The school’s management is responsive and accessible, promptly addressing parents’ concerns or questions. 

XAA has exceeded our expectations in every way. I highly recommend XAA to any parent seeking the best possible education for their child in Singapore, complemented by their top-notch facilities.

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Alvarez Family

Alvarez Family

We’ve been in Singapore for about eight years. Daniela started attending XCL American Academy (XAA) in August 2022, in its inaugural academic year. Mateo will be enrolled in August 2023.

We first learned about XAA through social media; then we visited a booth the school had set up at Great World City shopping mall. The team provided detailed information, which gave us a good impression of the school, and arranged for us to visit the campus. That gave us a chance to view the facilities and speak with some of the teachers. The admissions team offered us the opportunity to become part of the XAA founding families community so we decided to enrol Daniela.

XAA’s curriculum will enable a smooth transition to any other similar American curriculum school globally, in case we have to leave Singapore.

The teachers at XAA are highly experienced with a deep dedication to inspiring children; this is something that we highly value in our children’s education. During the Parent-Teacher Conferences, parents meet teachers in person with open two-way communication. This allows for strong relationships to be built, and enables us to discuss the child’s school life and academic progress as well as their success and happiness both inside and outside the classroom.

The school celebrates every single academic milestone and shares authentic American experiences with our children. The tradition of celebrating each child’s birthday and hosting a backyard barbecue for Thanksgiving have been heart-warming experiences.

The new campus is almost ready; the purpose-built facilities will open in August 2023 for the next academic year. These will feature a three-story library, a multi-purpose gym and specialist classrooms equipped with the latest educational technology.

The school has a strong focus on providing a well-rounded education that develops both academic and personal skills in students, which is essential for their future success. Based on our experience, we would highly recommend this school to other families.

Lorena Garcia and Santiago Alvarez, Daniela (6) and Mateo (2)

The interview was written by Expat Living Singapore

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Kang Family

Kang Family

Both our children started attending XCL American Academy (XAA) in October 2022. Yunah is in Grade 1 and Yujun is in Kindergarten 1.

Our children spent most of their lives in Guam, where we are from. When we came to Singapore in 2022, we looked for a school with an American school system, a small community and a friendly environment.

XAA’s curriculum is based on AERO and Common Core standards and is balanced with various extracurricular activities like sports, arts, music and languages.

The school has a small group of students, with two teachers in each class. So each student has a better quality of care and attention from the teachers, with more opportunities to speak their opinion in class.

There’s a well-balanced mixture of different nationalities among students. Students are very friendly and close to each other through the different grades. Our kids are always talking about friends and teachers and sharing about their school life.

The teachers are mainly from the US and Canada, and they’re internationally qualified and experienced. Parents use an app to communicate with the teachers and we regularly get pictures of what our children are doing and learning in class.

At the moment, XAA is sharing the campus with XCL World Academy but there’s been no issue with this. There’s an all-weather Olympic-sized swimming pool, a 750-seat auditorium, tennis court, large sports field and a canteen helmed by a Michelin-starred chef with reasonable prices. We’re sure that our children will be amazed with the new school building when it’s completed in August 2023.

Both our kids have loved going to XAA since their first day of school. They love their teachers and say, “We’re learning with fun and XAA is so much fun!”

Boyoung and Sangwan Kang, Korean; Yunah (7) and Yujun (5)

The interview was conducted and written by Expat Living.

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Matveev Family

Matveev Family

Our daughters, Agniia and Agata, adore their school and look forward to attending every day, and we are consistently impressed by the level of care, attention, and professionalism they receive.

From the moment we inquired about the school, we were greeted with warmth and enthusiasm by Ms. Shawna Yong, Senior Admissions Manager. She made the onboarding process effortless, answering all of our questions and ensuring that we felt supported every step of the way.

Since our daughters started attending XCL American Academy, we have been continuously amazed by the high level of professionalism and dedication of the teaching staff. The school facilities are exceptional, and our gratitude extends to all the staff who make it possible for our daughters to thrive and succeed.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to Ms. Irene Charles and Mr. David Garrison, Agniia and Agata’s teachers, for their incredible work in developing our daughters’ personalities and skills.

We are also grateful to the other students and parents who have supported our daughters and us throughout our time at XCL American Academy. Your kindness, compassion, and encouragement have made this experience more enriching and meaningful for us.

Finally, we would like to thank Mr. Darin Carney, Superintendent of XCL American Academy, for his exceptional leadership and vision in creating a truly unique learning environment.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. We are so grateful for the impact that you have on our daughters’ lives and look forward to continuing to work with you to support their growth and development in the coming years.

Ivan and Mariia, proud parents of Agniia (Kindergarten 1) and Agata (Grade 6), Russian

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Brown Family

Brown Family

It’s our pleasure to be a founding family of such an amazing school! Ever since our daughter started Kindergarten 2 at XCL American Academy, she has had nothing but amazing experiences. She started partway through the school year, and everyone was incredibly inviting, welcoming and happy to see her as a new addition to the school. She’s been able to meet new friends, loves her teachers and classes, and can’t wait to go to school every day!

Special shout out to Shawna Yong, Senior Admissions Manager! She has been incredibly helpful from the beginning and is an amazing asset to the school! She’s helpful, kind, and courteous and is always there when you need her!

Also, thank you to Darin Carney for being such an amazing Superintendent and an easy person to talk to!

The Brown Family, with daughter Maia in KG2, January 2023

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Abhijit Sarkar Family

Abhijit Sarkar Family

We were looking for a high-quality, rigorous, and best-valued American international education for our child, and XCL American Academy perfectly matched our expectations in all aspects.

We are very happy and proud to be part of the founding families and embark on this journey with XAA. Our child loves the school so far, and she can’t wait until the weekend to finish for next Monday morning to go to school. Thankfulness to the school’s management. #GoMustangs.

Satamita, Abhijit, and daughter Aarnina in Grade 1 (India), January 2023

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Choi Family

Choi Family

It was the best decision to choose XAA, and we are very proud of XAA as a founding family. We would definitely recommend XAA to everyone.

The Choi Family from Korea, with son Leonardo in Grade 6, January 2023

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Wei Family

Wei Family

We are pleased to be one of the Pioneer Families at XCL American Academy, enjoy the school’s good facilities and great services, and meet new friends from all over the world.

The Wei Family from Taiwan, with daughter Wennie in Grade 6, January 2023

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Hamilton Family

Hamilton Family

The authentic and affordable American school promises a rigorous and high quality American education for children, and the Hamiltons love it for that!

Being Americans on work assignment in Singapore, it’s important for the Hamiltons that their children attend a school that can help them seamlessly transition back to any US school in the future. But above all, the couple wants their children to enjoy learning in school. That’s why they decided to enrol all three of their children at XCL American Academy (XAA), and though it’s only been a few months, the family of five absolutely love the school!

Hello Mr and Mrs Hamilton – can you share a little bit about your children attending XCL American Academy?

We have three children attending XAA. Our oldest, Reid, is in Grade 2; Graham is in KG1; and our youngest, Tessa, is in Nursery.

Can you tell us more about what you’re looking for in a school and why you chose to enrol your children at XAA?

The two most critical factors for us were academics and student life. Being Americans on work assignment here, we were looking for a school that could help pave the path for re-entry into the American-based school system someday. At the same time, it was important to us that our kids enjoy school during our time in Singapore. We also factored in family logistics, as we have multiple children attending school. Attending a school where all our kids start and end their school day at the same time was a necessity as well.

After meeting and discussing the school’s mission, vision, and future plans with XAA’s leadership team, we felt happy to go ahead with the admissions process as a founding family. XAA may be a new school, but we can see that nothing was compromised by that fact. Our kids started their academic year in a specially designed, dedicated XAA wing in its sister school XCL World Academy (XWA). There are age-appropriate classes supported by fully qualified teachers and teaching apprentices. The curriculum is also carefully designed with numerous specialist courses, extracurricular activities, and meaningful celebrations. It’s an American curriculum based on AERO and Common Core standards, including various subjects that are taught in US-based schools, an Everyday Math program developed by the University of Chicago, and the Pioneer Spirit character development program that’s based on Second Step. Aside from these, XAA uses a unique PioneerTown program to teach students business and operational processes. It’s pretty impressive as we can see this exposes them to the ‘start-up’ mindset and entrepreneurship from a young age.

The school day starts and ends at the same time for all grade levels, which is exactly what we needed! Having all three of our kids on the same campus is great, and we love the fact that they can share their schooling experiences together.

Sounds amazing! Can we safely say that the school has lived up to your expectations?

Absolutely! The school always has the best interest of its students in mind; all operations are consistently and thoughtfully planned out towards that goal. There’s great communication between the different teams within the school, which facilitates a very valued parent-school partnership. Our children are learning, happy, and regularly asking if it’s Monday yet so they can head back to school!

How did the school make your kids feel welcomed?

The XAA community is like a family for its students. Teachers value their students individually, so students, in turn, are encouraged to do the same with each other. Within a week or two of the first day of school, Graham had become so close with an XWA student he met on the school shuttle bus that he invited him to his birthday party. The older upper elementary girls always have a hug for our Tessa, greeting her by name as well. There truly is no limit to the friendships our children make at XAA.

That’s really good to hear! Can you share some examples of how your kids are enjoying XAA with us?

We definitely noticed that whatever they learned in school resonates with the kids, often even igniting new passion in them. For example, one of our kids struggled in art class in his previous school as this isn’t something that comes naturally to him. He was always filled with tears and frustration every week when there was art class. We’re pleasantly surprised when XAA’s Art teacher went the extra mile to help him rediscover art. He even sent her a special message of gratitude on Thanksgiving Day! Oh, and they even sing songs from their Mandarin classes in the shower!

That’s so wonderful. What about facilities-wise – how have your children benefited from them?

The current ‘temporary’ campus is already so well done that we think our kids will be completely amazed when the new, purpose-designed XAA building is completed this August! XAA has done a fantastic job in providing everything our kids need. We can’t wait for the new building to be completed, which will be our kids’ permanent school ‘home’.

Does the school have a community for parents?

Parent engagement is a huge focus at XAA. There are regular opportunities for parents to participate at all grade levels. Being a founding family, we’re in a unique position to develop the school community together. Last fall alone, we were able to attend a field trip with Reid, visit our preschool kids’ classes as mystery readers, participate in multiple holiday events on campus, and help establish the Parent Teacher Organization at XAA.

And are you satisfied with the level of communication you receive from XAA?

The school has found an outstanding balance between enough communication to keep parents aware of their children’s school life, while not overwhelming them with a backlog of messages. We receive regular photos, videos, and messages about our kids from their teachers. Their academic progress is displayed through the parent app, and discussed during meetings with teachers, Parent-Teacher and Student-Led Conferences. We also receive parent-focused emails from the Superintendent with whole-school announcements. In addition, we can find out about school happenings via their social media platforms! The team at XWA is also a vital link in establishing excellent communication with the families at XAA as the school grows.

Would you recommend XAA to other parents who are looking for an international school in Singapore?

Most definitely! The school is committed to its families, always focusing on “what really matters”, which drives it in everything it does. Although XAA is genuinely an American school to its core and all-encompassing at a highly competitive price point, it is very diverse and welcomes students from all over the world. We feel very fortunate to have it as an international school option while living in Singapore. Each day brings us closer to the educational goal we set for our children while overseas and more.

Last but not least, any advice for parents who are still looking for a school?

Have a set of must-have elements in your school wish list, then focus your decision on achieving those. Research, and research more so you can see beyond any isolated elements. Most importantly, don’t settle for anything less than that special welcoming feeling! A school’s people and culture are factors that can provide the best fit for your child.

Thank you for sharing with us, Mr and Mrs Hamilton!

The Hamilton Family from the US with children Reid (Grade 2), Graham (KG1) and Tessa (Nursery), January 2023

By Honeykids Asia 

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Deepak Family

Deepak Family

It’s been an exciting journey for us in this beautiful city and being a part of a vibrant school like XCL American Academy. Our son, Aryan, has chosen this school among the various international schools we visited, and he is thrilled about his decision. We are proud to be part of the founding families and start this pioneering journey together with XAA!

The Deepak Family from India, with son Aryan in (Grade 3), January 2023

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