A Teacher’s Reflection of the first year at XCL American Academy

“I returned to Singapore after living, studying and working as an educator overseas in the United States and the Netherlands for about 20 years. I started at XCL American Academy (XAA) in July 2022, when the school officially opened in Singapore.

One aspect of teaching at XAA that I enjoy most is the play-based curriculum and its child-centred philosophy. The learning is child-initiated and restricted only by rules about safety and respecting others.

During their play, the children can access any resources they wish to use in class, and their explorations can take any direction they like.

Teachers are there to support each of them and plan provocations and invitations based on the interest of the students.

I feel strongly that this is crucial to how young children develop their skills and learn “how” to learn. This way of teaching at XAA allows me to witness fantastic learning and breakthroughs daily through play.

One particular memory that comes to mind was when my entire class told me that they loved coming to school and asked if they could all move to school and live at school with me – they all thought I lived at school and that there were so many wonderful things they could explore!” – Irene Charles, Early Years Pioneer Teacher (2023)

Written by Expat Living Singapore

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