Inspiring Pioneers

We believe that students, parents, and educators comprise three critical essential pillars in building a successful, high performing school.

The faculty and staff are the backbone of XCL American Academy. Our teachers hail from around the world, are experts in their fields, have extensive experience teaching the American curriculum, and are able to inspire and support students in and beyond the classroom. On a daily basis they provide leadership, guidance, and rigorous instruction, while maintaining high academic and behavioral standards.

The faculty and staff will work as one team to provide a rigorous yet warm and safe learning environment that challenges and empowers every child to grow and succeed.

We are committed to recruiting talented, internationally qualified and experienced teachers who have demonstrated success in teaching the American Common Core and AERO programs.

Each teacher will be expected to have high expectations of themselves and for their students, be inspiring role models, and demonstrate exemplary moral character.

What we look for in an educator

Passionate about students

Passionate about the educational process

Accessible, caring and nurturing

Strong pedagogical grounding

Owns standards for success

Fosters respect and good values

Always learning

Collaborative and connected

Our Educators

Alan De la Cruz

G6-G7 Visual Arts /
Learning Support Teacher

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Ann Sa’ad

EAL Teacher

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Brad Miller

PioneerTown Elective Teacher

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Jesse S Ojanen

K-G5 Music Teacher

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Caitlan Winter

K2 Teacher

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Charlotte Defries

Grade 1 Teacher

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David Glenn Garrison

G6-G7 Language & Social Studies Teacher

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Gayle Bernadette Christee

Pre-K Teacher

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Guo Fei Fei (Stacey)

Bilingual Teacher

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Joanna Cory

Grade 3 Teacher

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Li Dan

Bilingual Teacher

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Li Ying (Lynnie)

Bilingual Teacher

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Mingxiu Lin

K-G5 Visual Arts Teacher

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Ryan Winter

Physical Education Teacher

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Irene Charles

K1 Teacher

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David Carpenter

Grade 4 Teacher

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“To me there are three things everyone should do every day. Number one is laugh. Number two is think — spend some time, time in thought. Number three, you should have your emotions move you to tears. If you laugh, think and cry, that’s a heck of a day.”

Jim Valvano

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