Dear Parents & Guardians,

Thank you for your interest in XCL American Academy. We understand that choosing a school for your child is a big decision not to be taken lightly. Whether you are in Singapore or considering a move here, our Admissions Team hopes to be a valuable resource in helping you find the right fit for your child.

XCL American Academy is a unique international school that offers a robust American curriculum made accessible to all families in many ways.

XCL American Academy provides a rigorous and accessible American education for students aged 4-14. Through our high-quality curriculum and emphasis on American values, we aim to develop confident children who are inspired to challenge themselves within a proven American education framework. We focus on character development, and we strive to inspire the next generation of global pioneers.

XCL American Academy provides every child with the unique opportunity to build strong academic foundations, critical thinking, and the soft skills necessary to succeed in our ever-changing world. We want every child to realize that they can achieve more than they believe they can, and it is our duty to inspire and empower them through the framework of American education to become inquisitive learners and innovators, and pioneers and leaders of tomorrow.

We invite you and your family to join us on this exciting educational journey building core American values and nurturing the successful pioneers of tomorrow. We are excited to welcome you and your family to visit us at our campus.

We are excited to invite you and your family to visit us at our new campus.

Please feel free to contact our Admissions Team at or give us a call on +65 6230 4222.



Why should your children join XCL American Academy?

  • The newest International School in Singapore offering affordable high-quality American education
  • Purpose-built world-class facilities
  • Located just 20 minutes away from downtown Singapore
  • Quality assured robust curriculum
  • An exceptional American international education that is accessible to all families

If you are looking for high-quality international American education and opportunities which are accessible to all, contact us today.


Grade Placement Guide

XCL American AcademyAgeNorth AmericaEnglandAustralia/NZSouth Africa
KG25KGYear 1PrepReception
Grade 16Grade 1Year 2Year 1Year 1
Grade 27Grade 2Year 3Year 2Year 2
Grade 38Grade 3Year 4Year 3Year 3
Grade 49Grade 4Year 5Year 4Year 4
Grade 510Grade 5Year 6Year 5Year 5
Grade 611Grade 6Year 7Year 6Year 6
Grade 712Grade 7Year 8Year 7Year 7
Grade 813Grade 8Year 9Year 8Year 8

Admission Process

Step 1: Application

Submit an online application to the school’s application portal and upload all required documents.

Step 2: Application Fee

Pay the Application fee (non-refundable) to initiate the application review process.

Step 3: Application Review

Submitted applications will be reviewed by the Enrollments Team and Education Leadership Team. Some applicants may be invited to sit for an English Language proficiency assessment or attend a Family Meeting with our Education Leadership Team. Our Admissions Team will take care of all arrangements.

Step 4: Offer

Successful applicants will receive an official Offer Letter from the Head of Admissions. You will be required to pay the Enrollment Fee (non-refundable) to confirm your child’s placement. After that, you will receive a Student Contract for your review and acceptance, as well as an invoice for the first-semester tuition fees.

Step 5: Enrollment

Once all documentation is submitted and fees paid, your family is all set to start your learning journey with us. You will receive a Welcome Information deck and be all set to to start your pioneering journey!

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