Welcome to Middle School (Grades 6-8) at XCL American Academy

At XCL American Academy, we understand that middle school is a unique and exciting chapter in your child’s life. It is a remarkable period of your child’s education as they experience rapid and varied intellectual, social, emotional, and physical changes that result in profound growth and learning.

Middle school at XAA for students aged 11-14 years old will truly be an exciting, challenging and rewarding time for your child. Our caring and experienced educators are committed to nurturing, inspiring and challenging each student at this critical stage of their development and to help them to become independent and reflective learners.

What Your Child Can Expect

A rich curriculum focused on the development of deep and meaningful understandings of specialist subject areas.

Students are challenged to think critically, question various concepts, express their thoughts, and to create and transform their ideas into action. They are also coached to become mature, independent, and organized learners.

Students are exposed to a variety of learning experiences, including classroom learning, project-based learning, experiential/hands-on learning, team collaboration, and opportunities to learn outside the confines of the classroom walls.


As the most senior students on campus, middle schoolers will be expected to assume leadership positions within the student body, acting as mentors for our younger learners. We also aim to stretch and develop students to their maximum potential to equip them with the critical life skills (socio-emotional, academic, and behavioral) to succeed in high school and beyond.

Classroom learning is enhanced through specialist enrichment sessions, such as music, visual arts, the performing arts, and physical education. We look forward to opening a dialog with our founding families to identify the range of additional enrichment programs that can be provided for our first cohort of middle schoolers.(e.g. musical instruments, dance programs, specific competitive sports teams).

Why Our Curriculum

During Grade 8, we help set students up for success in High School by providing regular college and career guidance, helping them to select the curriculum and subjects that’s right for them. Transition assistance to our neighbor school XCL World Academy is also provided, if desired.

Character development is embedded into the daily school life, and we aim to instill in each student qualities such as grit, teamwork, leadership, and compassion, while also providing our young pioneers the freedom to speak their minds, pursue their dreams, and explore their creative potential.

As students prepare for high school and beyond, the effective use of technology within the classroom environment is now essential. In Grades 6, 7 and 8, every student receives a personal device to enrich learning both in-class and remotely. Students are actively encouraged to inquire, collaborate and create their own digital learning portfolio and share updates with their parents and teachers.

Starting in the very first term, students have the opportunity to explore their personal interests and passions by joining the comprehensive extracurricular program and XCL Camps (a combined program for students at XCL World Academy and XCL American Academy).

Thank you for your interest in learning more about XCL American Academy.

XCL American Academy is a unique American International School in Singapore which offers a high-quality, rigorous and American education for children aged 4-14 (Kindergarten 1 to Grade 8).

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