Welcome to Elementary School (Grades 1-5) at XCL American Academy

Elementary school (also called Primary school) age children develop attitudes about themselves and try to make sense of the world around them.

Our curriculum follows the best-in-class globally accepted standards of education for American overseas schools and is an exclusive blend of the American Common Core standards, enhanced with the AERO curriculum, supported throughout by a strong American values-based character development program. Students receive a solid academic foundation that they take with them into their middle school education.

What Your Child Can Expect

During elementary school, children develop attitudes about themselves and try to make sense of the world around them. In addition to providing a rigorous academic program and play-based learning environment, we aim to activate your child’s pioneering spirit, intellectual curiosity and creativity, while also following our values-based character development program, which instills certain expectations such as grit, teamwork, leadership and empathy, while still allowing our young pioneers the freedom to speak their minds, to pursue their dreams, and to explore their creative capacities.

Academic classes are greatly enriched by specialist sessions, such as music, visual arts, the performing arts, and physical education. Extra-curricular activities are also available, providing a wide range of opportunities for your child to explore their interests and passions.

Play also has an essential role in childhood and is vital to the learning process for our elementary school students. Through purposeful play, children can test their agility, skills and muscles, experiment with ideas, learn teamwork and how to get along with others, make critical choices and practice their language and communication skills with children of other cultures.

Why Our Curriculum

We recognize that the use of technology in elementary school classrooms can be an area of concern for some parents. That is why we aim to educate our young learners on the benefits of technology and the ways it may impact their social and emotional development. We introduce various age-appropriate devices and programs to enrich learning experiences, help students use technology effectively, and to develop as inquisitive learners and responsible users. From Grade 3 each student will be provided their own personal device to enrich learning experiences and personalize instruction; allowing students, under supervision, to connect, collaborate, and interact with the wider world. Students are encouraged to use these devices to inquire, collaborate and create their own digital learning portfolio and share updates with their parents.

We are currently reviewing which specialist programs will be provided (e.g. musical instruments, dance programs, competitive sports teams), and we look forward to opening a dialog with our founding families to identify the range of additional enrichment programs that can be provided for our first cohort of elementary students.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about XCL American Academy.

XCL American Academy is a unique American International School in Singapore which offers a high-quality, rigorous and American education for children aged 3-14 (Pre-K to Grade 8).

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