School Canteen

Our Canteen Operator

We have partnered with Mycelium Catering Pte Ltd, headed by a Michelin-star chef, Emmanuel Stroobant, to provide healthy, delicious and nutritious meals for our students.

2 Michelin
Star Chef

Western, Asian or Vegetarian meals


No pork /
no lard

Allergy-free meals

Healthy, Delicious and Balanced Meals

All meals are prepared in our on-site kitchen and made from fresh, high-quality ingredients to ensure our students enjoy their meals.

All meals for children from Pre-K through to Grade 4 must be pre-ordered via our meal ordering portal ahead of time.

Students from Grade 5 and above can purchase meals over-the-counter. We encourage parents to pre-order their meals to guarantee their child’s choice of meals, and to minimize any food wastage.

The Parent Café

All parents are welcome to drop by to The Parent Café. It is a great place for parents to meet over a cup of freshly brewed coffee, enjoy delicious pastries or a daily meal, socialize and meet new friends.

The Parent Café is opened to all students before school starts, and after school ends.

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