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Our approach to learning in the Early Childhood program (Kindergarten 1 to Kindergarten 2) is tailored to the developmental needs and readiness of students at each age and stage. We make sure to provide our students with everything they need to encourage learning in the ways that make them happiest from an early age.

When your child spends time engaged in activities that they care about and enjoy, confidence and curiosity flourish, developing foundations of a true pioneering spirit.

What Your Child Can Expect

Our approach to learning in the Early Childhood program (KG1 – KG2) is tailored to the developmental needs and readiness of students at each age and stage.

Each subject area is approached from each child’s developmental perspective, subject background knowledge, and level of understanding. Our teachers help guide your child at their own pace, so that they can grow with confidence, feeling supported and cared for.

Teachers focus on creating a ‘safe space’ (physically and emotionally) for our youngest learners to spark their natural curiosity, nurture confidence, and develop positive attitudes toward school. Emphasizing a student-centered approach, teachers care for each child’s needs as they make discoveries and observations about the world around them.

We also want your child to experience the joys of childhood through purposeful play and to develop foundational knowledge, creative and critical thinking skills, and the essential habits that support lifelong learning.

Your child’s connection to their classroom and the school is reinforced in many ways. Daily reassuring routines include greeting each child by name every day during morning ‘circle’ and a high-five from the teacher at the end of the day. Quickly, your child will come to understand that he or she is part of a warm, accepting, and caring community.

For our young learners, our character development program is focused on helping children learn about individual responsibility, understand respectful language and behavior, and develop an appreciation for differences and similarities. We also seek to empower each child’s voice and sense of belonging to develop confidence and spark the desire to make a difference in their classroom and beyond.


Why Our Curriculum


The development of social skills and emotional competence is one of the most essential goals in early childhood education. All children need these skills to achieve success academically and to maintain relationships at school and throughout life. At each age and stage, children will develop foundational social skills to form lasting relationships that are essential to their emotional health.

Our social-emotional program covers the development of personal identity, self-esteem, expression and control of emotions, management of frustration and perseverance and grit.

Approaches to Learning

This learning domain addresses the ways in which children move toward, interact with, and reflect upon their personal life experiences. The skills and attitudes children bring with them have a major impact on the approach they take when ‘learning how to learn’. We provide a learning environment that nurtures initiative, engagement, persistence, curiosity, reasoning, problem solving, innovation and imagination.

Language and Literacy

The ability to listen, speak and write with confidence is a fundamental expectation of each child. Language skills provide the foundation for a wide range of abilities that are used in both social and academic situations throughout life. Language acquisition is a natural yet complex process, and we closely monitor each child’s progress through regular assessment to ensure that expectations are being met.


This learning domain addresses the acquisition, storage, and retrieval of information and incorporates essential elements of math, science, and social studies. Children gain knowledge of physical properties, knowledge about relationships as well as cultural conventions.

The primary cognitive processes are attention, memory, trial and error, cause and effect, reasons and problem solving, and prediction/estimation.

Physical Development

Physical Development is a significant aspect of growth in early childhood education and provides avenues for the way in which children explore their surroundings. Within the Early Childhood program, we focus on small and large motor competencies as well as sensory awareness.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about XCL American Academy.

XCL American Academy is a unique American International School in Singapore which offers a high-quality, rigorous and American education for children aged 4-14 (Kindergarten 1 to Grade 8).

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