Ryoto Family

“We are excited to embark on a voyage with XCL American Academy! Thank you, teachers and the staff, for your efforts in helping us to meet other families and feel warmly welcomed into the community! We are very excited to be a part of XAA! And, as always, go Mustangs!”

Ryoto Family from Japan with son Kai (Grade 5)
August 2022

“Truly American education, affordable while offering world class facilities and educators.”

Kumar Family

The hands-on approach of the teachers is something unparalleled.

Vaskar & Joanna

We are happy to be one of the founding families at XCL American Academy.

Winter Family

As parents, we are so excited that our daughter is able to call XAA her new school.

Silva Family

We were drawn by the pioneering spirit and enthusiasm powering the school.

Muthu Ayyeppen Family

Our boys look forward to their memorable school experiences.

Moukhtar Family

Our family is looking to relish every phase of the pioneering journey.

Ma Family

XAA is an ideal place for students to learn, grow and thrive.

Shim Family

Our family has been looking forward to joining XAA.

Answary Family

Coming to XCL American Academy was an experience like no other.

Ryoto Family

We are excited to embark on a voyage with XCL American Academy!

Kuntoro Family

We look forward to embarking on this pioneering journey together with XAA!

Rohit & Harpreet

We are proud to be the very first foundation family of XCL American Academy!

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