XCL American Academy Newsletter – April

April 1, 2022

Dear American Academy Community,

Happy Spring to our American Academy Mustang Community. We are in full swing of student recruitment season and it is truly exciting to see many families interested to join us from August 2022 to even future years!

I would also like to take this opportunity to officially welcome the new families who have joined XCL American Academy from around the globe in the past one month, including the United States, Japan, India, Singapore, China, Korea, etc. It was truly a pleasure meeting all of them both in-person and virtually, and I look forward to meeting many more families in coming months.

Another exciting news to share is that all our teachers have obtained their approval and been awarded with their Employment Pass, they are all set to land in Singapore at XAA! In the meantime, we have regular virtual meetings for them to familiarize before being here physically.

Giving you a glimpse to who they are – Our teaching staff is a wonderful blend of United States citizens and international talents from other countries, representing a range of diversity in experience, age, nationality, and background. The hiring of such an eclectic and diverse staff is intentional, to represent American educational systems as well as our community and student body. They are some of the most creative, experienced and passionate educators with international experience. All of them are eager to meet you and your children.

We continue to listen to parents and do “what really matters” for each family as our Mission Statement reads. We have established our new bilingual program and it is now renamed to Enhanced Mandarin Program, following the renowned Singapore Chinese Language Primary Program, a benchmark based upon the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). In our Language Program (Daily Mandarin or Daily Spanish), it will also be based upon ACTFL standard.

Please come meet us at XAA and see what the future looks like. The future is here! Pioneers definitely welcome. And…As Always, GO Mustangs!


Darin T. Carney,

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