XCL American Academy Newsletter

Dear XCL American Academy Community,

I have been asked, “What does it mean to be a pioneer?”. A pioneer is someone willing and skilled enough to lead the way for others. To break the mold of what has been known as “the way we always do things.” That is no longer acceptable, anywhere. Our students are coming to us with skills unseen in educational environments. Each student has goals and dreams and sees the future as theirs to conquer.

Only pioneers can see and act differently than those before them. We at XCL American Academy strive to inspire the next generation of global pioneers by instilling in children the confidence to be authentic, have the courage to dream, push boundaries, challenge themselves. We are a pioneering school leading the way to a bright future in an authentic educational setting.

Pioneer Town is a real, living, breathing town that students will create and build together with their classroom teachers. Our students will be receiving authentic, globally relevant instruction from experts associated with Ivy League colleges and universities in the United States.

We have designed a Pioneer Town curriculum for each grade level, beginning with Grade 1 students. The lessons reach from “supply and demand” to world economic exchange, business start-up essentials and more. Pioneer Town is the most authentic, practical education experience your child can receive at this level. We believe students are so much more than just a test score, and they deserve to be prepared for a bright future that has not even been created yet. We provide more, do more and create unique educational experiences better than any traditional school.

We ARE Pioneers, Leaders, Learners; We ARE the Future!

I am delighted to share that our staff is hired, excited and ready to go! We have recruited the most creative, experienced and passionate educators! Our staff represents a range of diversity in experience, age, nationality and background. The hiring of such an eclectic and diverse staff is very intentional to represent American educational systems and our community and student body.

All our Homeroom, Art and PE teachers are citizens of the United States of America. We have also hired wonderful Bilingual and EAL Teachers and Teacher Assistants. They are experienced educators, and most have international teaching experience Please come and meet us at XCL American Academy and see what the future looks like. The future is here! All Pioneers are welcome.

We are all excited to meet you!


Darin T. Carney,
XCL American Academy

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