A Pioneering Education With XCL American Academy

Looking to transfer your child to an international school in Singapore with accessible education?

If you are thinking of transferring your child to another international school, consider XCL American Academy, which offers accessible high-quality education.

As an American international school in Singapore, XAA goes beyond being just an academic gateway to America for students. The school offers a unique American curriculum and world-class facilities that will benefit any student’s academic and personal development, regardless of their chosen path for university and beyond.

  • Rigorous academic curriculum
  • Quality Education accessible to all
  • Unique character development program igniting the Pioneer Spirit (SecondStep)
  • Purpose-designed facilities with easy access to a variety of world-class arts, sports, and technology facilities
  • Quality assurance with a standards-based and data-based approach to education, delivered by qualified educators with extensive experience in teaching the American curriculum
  • Experiential Learning – life skills education delivered through comprehensive programs including the Arts, Sports, ECAs, Mandarin Bilingual program, and an innovative simulation of a self-contained economy.

Save SG$2,480!

Enrol Now and Receive a Special Switchers Discount*

*Promo is available only to students moving from other international schools in Singapore. T&C apply.


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