Kang Family

Both our children started attending XCL American Academy (XAA) in October 2022. Yunah is in Grade 1 and Yujun is in Kindergarten 1.

Our children spent most of their lives in Guam, where we are from. When we came to Singapore in 2022, we looked for a school with an American school system, a small community and a friendly environment.

XAA’s curriculum is based on AERO and Common Core standards and is balanced with various extracurricular activities like sports, arts, music and languages.

The school has a small group of students, with two teachers in each class. So each student has a better quality of care and attention from the teachers, with more opportunities to speak their opinion in class.

There’s a well-balanced mixture of different nationalities among students. Students are very friendly and close to each other through the different grades. Our kids are always talking about friends and teachers and sharing about their school life.

The teachers are mainly from the US and Canada, and they’re internationally qualified and experienced. Parents use an app to communicate with the teachers and we regularly get pictures of what our children are doing and learning in class.

At the moment, XAA is sharing the campus with XCL World Academy but there’s been no issue with this. There’s an all-weather Olympic-sized swimming pool, a 750-seat auditorium, tennis court, large sports field and a canteen helmed by a Michelin-starred chef with reasonable prices. We’re sure that our children will be amazed with the new school building when it’s completed in August 2023.

Both our kids have loved going to XAA since their first day of school. They love their teachers and say, “We’re learning with fun and XAA is so much fun!”

Boyoung and Sangwan Kang, Korean; Yunah (7) and Yujun (5)

The interview was conducted and written by Expat Living.

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