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I’m incredibly impressed with XCL American Academy and believe they deserve a 5-star rating! From the very beginning, the enrollment process was outstanding. The admission team, particularly Shawna Yong, provided exceptional customer service. They were patient, informative, and bilingual (English/Chinese), which made the transition smooth and stress-free.

Since enrolling our child (KG1), we’ve been consistently impressed by the warm and welcoming community. Everyone, from the friendly guards and front desk admin to the dedicated teachers and even the principal, Tammy Murphy, exudes a genuine warmth and passion for their roles.

I especially want to highlight the impact of the teachers. Their natural ability to support our child has been invaluable in helping him adapt and thrive in the new environment. Besides, the school guided his placement in the appropriate Chinese class according to his level; his Chinese teacher has also been critical of this adaptation.

Teachers’ expertise and support have created a comfortable learning space for Leonardo to engage and excel confidently. Besides, the new state-of-the-art facilities enhance his experience. The spacious and well-lit library has fostered our child’s love for reading, providing access to diverse books and comfortable reading spaces. The indoor playground offers a stimulating and safe environment for our child to socialize and burn off energy during breaks and after school (he loves the early-years swimming pool, too).

Overall, XCL American Academy has exceeded our expectations. Their commitment to high-quality education and supportive staff have made a world of difference for our family. We highly recommend XCL American Academy to anyone seeking an exceptional educational experience for their child! German & Yu, parents of Leonardo (KG1), 2024  

XCL美国学院 XCL American Academy 给我们一家留下了难以置信的印象,我相信他们值得5星评级!从一开始,招生过程就很出色。招生团队,尤其是Shawna Yong,提供了出色的客户服务。他们很有耐心,信息丰富,会双语(英语/汉语),这使得过渡平稳而无压力。

自从我们的孩子(KG1)入学以来,我们一直对热情友好的社区印象深刻。每个人,从友好的门卫和前台管理员到敬业的教师甚至校长, Tammy Murphy, 都散发出对自己角色的真诚热情和激情。



总的来说, XCL American Academy XCL美国学院超出了我们的预期。他们对高质量教育的承诺和支持我们的员工为我们的家庭带来了巨大的变化。我们强烈推荐 XCL American Academy XCL美国学院给任何想为孩子寻求非凡教育体验的人!

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